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Robert Saviola
Robert Saviola

How cool is this?

One of the most respected horse racing experts alive is now offering you the same personalized, step-by-step information that other famous handicappers rely on to kick their results into high gear...!

Dear Horse Racing Fan...

I'm Robert Saviola and I've been at the race track even while I was in my mother's womb! (My father's been going to the race track before I was even born and my mother was always with him.)

I know what it's like to lose money at the track. We've all been there. Losing is not fun. No one likes to lose and now... you don’t have to lose anymore.


But, We All Like Winning, Don't We?

And, we all know what it's like to win every so often... but I know what it's like to win a LOT — more often than the "average Joe" at the tracks!

I grew up on the "bettor side" of the racetrack. My dad wasn't involved much with the horses or the back stretch... he was involved with wagering on them.

Now, my father is very competitive. Like you, he hated to lose in anything... he needed to win. So, he would study that racing form and worship it as if it was, well... the answer to all life!

(I used to tell him that if he ever paid that much attention in school, he may have found the cure for cancer or something equally as great.)

But... he devoted his life to the racing form and he became a master at it. He became one of the best handicappers I've ever known.

Later, I took his knowledge that he had and went to the racetrack and made LOTS of money.


Even As a Kid, I Made Money At the Track!

Even as a kid — and I'm talking like 14 or 15 years old — and I'm introducing other kids to betting on horses... they would be AMAZED while at the race track how I'd actually sweep cards!!

On numerous occasions I would pick the winner in every race.

And, I have had that happen at two race tracks on the same day!

Sweeping a race card is very rare and most handicappers never experience it... but, I'd remember the days when I swept the race card regularly.

(It's just that the average race horse of today has more talent than the average race horse of yesterday.)


So Much Information Now

But, as fierce as the competition is, the resource of information has grown immensely. There's never been as much information available to help you pick winners at the race track than there is now.

The KEY is that you need to be able to DECIPHER that information... and actually put it into workable terms where YOU can predict the outcome of a race from the numbers you see on the printed page.


This Is Where It Gets Interesting:

When I got out of the military, I actually started working on the horses on the back stretch. There I was... 21 years old... and I'm at the race track grooming horses, training horses — eventually driving horses — and I eventually got to know the game from both sides of the race track .

  The front side and the back side. 

Then I took all that knowledge, after working and learning all those years on the back side, which horse brought me to the ranks of the leading driver UDRS rating over at Buffalo Raceway in the winter meet of 1990.


A Lucky Break...!

However, it was never printed in the forms... because you had to have so many starts to be the leading driver — although I did have the starts, it was an omission on their part.

But, once you start to learn how to look for "lameness" in an animal... once you learn to see if an animal is really physically fit... ready, mentally alert, etc., you can tell — just by looking at a horse if that horse has a shot to win!

But, many times, after I decided on a horse to bet as I watched that horse warm up, I thought to myself, "That horse is lame or off, but certainly not hundred percent."

I would then look for the horse who I thought was "second best" to win the race... and while most persons at the track were betting on the "lame" horse at the short price... I was betting on the horse that didn't look the best on paper, but ended up winning the race!

And, that happened a lot.

(This , of course is one of the advanced techniques that I teach my clients at the track.)


The Missing Key

Class Structure is the missing key. Do you know how to break the class structure code? Class structures vary from race track to race track, and although you may think that you have it figured out at a particular race track, while wagering at another race track — you may have your hat handed to you. 

I will teach you how to BREAK the class structure at most any race track!

Why Am I Doing This?

Many people wonder: Why am I creating a product to give away this valuable information?

Well, several weeks ago, my partner and co-author, Bryan Toder, called me on the phone to ask me that same question. He recorded some of that conversation and here's a small part of it. It's just a bit over 3 minutes, but fascinating as hell:

An Old Saying...

I got to know all aspects of this business. Being a very competitive person, being that I enjoyed it and I wanted to win... because if you don't win, you can go broke fast and lose fortunes.

You know, there's an old saying, "I knew a man who became a millionaire betting on horse races. He started out a billionaire!"

A race horse is the only animal that can take multiple people "for a ride" at the same time, if you know what  I mean.


So Much At Stake

Either way, at a young age, I didn't have much money and I needed to be sure that every dollar I bet — counted.

So, when I made those wagers, it was if my life depended on those horses winning. It meant whether or not I was going to eat that day.

And, when there's that much at stake, you find a way to know which horse has the best chance at winning. And, I myself, became one of those people that I felt: If I only spent this much attention in school, I could've been anything.


A Paradise, However...

Nevertheless... handicapping horses became a way of life for me. It was very enjoyable and, in a way, a paradise. I could be under a palm tree at a race track, just enjoying the afternoon at a beautiful park with horses racing — and to think... you can actually make money at it!

But, remember: Money management is everything! And, with the proper training in handicapping and money management, you can use the least amount of money to reap the greatest profits.

I wasn't even trying and I was winning!

So, that's how I got started in handicapping horses and becoming an expert in this amazing field.


So, Who Is Robert Saviola...?

"I have been a race track handicapper and
simulcast host for multiple racetracks."
Look —

Robert Saviola doing his horse racing simulcast.
  • Buffalo Raceway — a Standard Bred racetrack.

  • Fort Erie Race Track & Presque Isle Downs — two very prestigious Thoroughbred Racetracks.

  • Presque Isle Downs has a tapeta racing surface — the only one with that surface. It never gets muddy or slow... it's always a fast racetrack.

  • Fort Erie Race Track is one of the most beautiful racetracks in horse racing history and is over 100 years old!

Now, when I do the simulcast for the above two race tracks, it airs at most OTB locations in the United States and over the Internet throughout the world!

So when people around the world are watching the live video feed  and choosing their horses, I'm the guy on TV preparing them for the upcoming race by actually analyzing the race — stating who is most likely to win and why.

I've also hosted a radio show in Buffalo, New York called The World of Thoroughbred Racing which was a big hit amongst Western New York and Southern Ontario (Canada) horse racing fans.


Will This Really Work?

My Successes—

Because I give selections before each and every race, people won't make a bet until they've heard what I had to say about the race. They'll then use the numbers that I select combined with their own selections to determine their wagers.

And daily — I mean DAILY — somebody will come up to me and say, "I used the numbers you selected and made a big winner today! Thank you!!!"


2 or 3 Right At The Wire!

I select what I believe to be the order of the first 4 horses to finish each race. And, the horses I give out are in the order I think they will finish. Now, of course I am usually wrong.

(Wow... did I actually write that?)

But, the horse I selected to win is the winner 40 to 50 percent of the time and finishes first or second 70 to 80 percent on the time. Remember those top 4 horses that I select before each race? Usually 3 of the 4 will finish in the top 4 positions.


And, that is what I show you
in my amazing report!

For 47 bucks. Period.

Starting with Thoroughbred Racing,
you will discover the secrets to winning at the racetrack.


Horse Racing Secrets Revealed!

Check Learn how to look at the racing form and determine which horses are "alive" and which are "dead". (Who can win and who does not belong in the race.)
Check Find out how to use the Comparative Information of the racing form to determine which horse should win the race.
Check Learn exactly what you to look for and how to sort that information in your mind so that you can win at the horse races regularly.
Check Discover how to determine Probable Order of Finish.
Check Learn how to invest the least to win the most.


So ... what goodies do you get for just $47?

Check The 7 deadly mistakes almost everyone makes before choosing a horse.
Check My exclusive racing form checklist that will improve your handicapping.
Check How to make exactas work for you.
Check How to win more Trifectas than ever before!
Check Money management techniques for exotic wagers.

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Your ebook comes with a no-questions-asked
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In fact, I'm so confident you'll be fully satisfied with "Horse Racing Secrets Revealed" that I'm willing to let you actually keep the report, no matter what — as my way of saying thank you for
trying Horse Racing Secrets Revealed.

So, you see, you have absolutely NO RISK in ordering
Horse Racing Secrets Revealed

— All the risk is on me!

Robert Saviola


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To your success,

Robert  Saviola

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